First item in a list reverts to previous style

What I did:
Start a new list and start typing. I make a mistake and backspace but leave the ‘-‘ and indenting. Start typing correct word and hit space.

What happened:
The list goes away and reverts to whatever previous text style was.

What I expected:
To be able to keep typing the rest of whatever I wanted for that list’s line item.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Mac OS 10.14.6
Agenda 6.0.1
Doesn’t do this on iOS version.
Only happens for when deleting item(s) in the first line of a list (any type) and typing again. Seems like a cursor reset after hitting the spacebar after the first word for the line.

I can replicate on existing list with multiple item lines but again has to be the first item to you backspace and try to type a new word and then space.

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Thanks, indeed this is a known issue. We plan to fix it very soon. Thanks for reporting it!

Kind regards,

I have now fixed this. Will be in the next release. Thanks for reporting it!

Thank you, Drew. Appreciate it and all your efforts to continue pushing Agenda to be better and better.