Finder / Folders / Documents

Is there a way to search folders and documents (by their names) inside the Agenda using Apple finder?

If not, is there a way to search using another tool?

I’m asking this becouse i`ve been naming all folders and documents into the notes, therefore is easier find them by their names.

I dont know whether im using Agenda in a wrong way or not, becouse im used to use the App to keep archives predominantly, maybe i should have use only for notes itself.

Well, i tried to create folders on the table and drag to the note, but the apple finder couldnt find them as well.

I wait a tip at least.


We don’t currently have integration with Apple’s Spotlight search, but it is on our roadmap. We expect to start working on that later this year.

For now, you can search in Agenda using the “Search All” option on the left. The sidebar also has type selection, where you start typing a name, and it should jump to that project.

Hope that helps!

In this way is not possible to find documents, only projects, but is ok.
I`ll wait for the integration. Thanks for the feedback.

Note that there is File > Open Quickly, which is a way to search/jump to notes and projects quickly. That may help.