Filter for completed notes/checkmarked items

HI Devs,

I am using Agenda a lot since last Christmas and now starting and enjoying immensely. Using it for work and personal noting as well. I am changing my organising system constantly to find what works best with Agenda. Now to see the limit as well. The single biggest issue is not being able to filter in search / hide Notes with completed “checkmarked items” or “marked as done”. I know Agenda is not there to replace a sophisticated Task manager, but you put in a mechanism to tick something (either a note in its entirety or a paragraph which is checkmarked). But you are not providing a mechanism to hide these from the view of search results. Once you have a lot of notes and you serch for ones tagged with #todo or for whatever, it is impossible to find the relevant ones in the sea of other notes. So if you could release the following 3 things that would go a long way for Agenda’s usability:

  1. ability to hide Notes “marked as done” after a search
  2. ability to hide notes where all checmarked paragraphs are ticked
  3. give the option to group search results by Project or just list without project (sorted by date, notes with no dates at the bottom / or top (choose)

The above is in the order of priority (at least for me). Point no. 1 is critical really, once you have a lot of notes…

Thanks for reading and listening, in advance!



Thanks for the feedback, Viktor. We have very similar ideas, and it is in our roadmap. Stay tuned!


is this function already included? Can’t find any information about it. But it’s a must have for the next app in our team.

Thank you

We don’t have a way to filter for incomplete items yet.

A workaround I would suggest is to add a tag to any note which is not “finished”. Eg. a tag like #incomplete

Then you setup a saved search for #incomplete, and can see what notes are still open. As soon as a note is done, you remove the tag.

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