Feedback and wish list



Hi team.

I wrote a lengthy post on ‘Medium’ about Agenda but I don’t know where it went?..

Your business model hits the mark perfectly.
Your intro and explanation is the best I’ve ever seen; most I click away from but your’s was enthralling.

Anyway I purchased the Mac and iOS version inside of 10 mins.

OK, the following list is off the top of my head. A big wish list I know and possibly already in your roadmap.

I’ve been in software from development to management and academia since 1984, so I’ve seen a lot, written a lot, published a lot.

Anyway … ideas=Wish list and profitability.

If you have read any texts on information design and the concept of a application that is a first class citizen, that is always used, and is always open and maximised on the desktop as an essential piece of software, the way Outlook once was - you’ve got the bones and a lot of function sown up.

  1. Font type/size/colour customisation across the entire UI- not sure of you’re implementation. Categories/Project Headers I’m thinking first.

  2. Integration with cloud data; perhaps a tunable adapter layer for XML/csv/sqllite in order to bring in or reference data.

  3. The context menus are beautiful; however they are not obvious or easy to access with Apple Pencil.

  4. Add the ability to duplicate an entire Note/Project/Category, not simply Copy/export content, but duplicate structure/style.

  5. I’m a huge fan of TextExpander for everything from Dev to Doc; a simple macro language incorporated like the way TE implements would be AWESOME.

  6. Full integration with Evernote and data interoperability.

  7. Ability to template, including time, fits nicely with your model of notes/timeline/events/outcome recording.

  8. Better multimedia incorporation, images, audio, video

  9. Using the template idea, create form builder/publish, data collection - use the Google open API

  10. Use the idea of Notes as Calendar Event recorders, being a data provider for CMS systems.

  11. Lastly, export Notes/Project/Category and the data integration components as a standalone app for LOB applications.

  12. Ok, last thought is the integration of calculation and query language builders.


Share your feedback with us…

Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for your kind compliments, that’s awesome to hear. We’d love to read your post on Medium. Regarding the features, many of them are on our own wish list, for example, see The features we are working on right now…
Enjoy Agenda!


Most of the suggestions would help improve Agenda, but I have quibbles with on a few:
On 1. Doesn’t font customization interfere with the clean, fast, and simple interface? Also, wouldn’t that interfere with the simplificty of Markdown formatting?
On 6. Depending on what “full integration” with Evernote means, this could slow down Agenda and interfere with the clean and fast interface. Evernote does not play well with others. It imposes its own structure on whatever it touches. I say this as a long time Evernote user.



Hi Harets,
I appreciate that you’ve put some real thought into a reply. Apologies for the late reply. I’e been in and out of hospital and didn’t get a notification of your post; maybe I’ve missed something?

My feeling about the clean, fast and simple interface are equal to you own line of thinking.

I was thinking about the separation of:

  1. Content
  2. Layout
  3. Style

Markup language assists absolutely for the content and simple styling; I’m not sure how the ‘separation of concerns’ (although this refers more correctly to engineering a piece of software, I’ll use it in this context). I’m not sure if the Agenda fellows have used JSON or XML/XSL/XSLT or CSS3 to achieve their goals. An ‘Adapter’ Design Pattern could easily achieve levels of granularity as well as export capability and interoperability with other Apps as well as export for import to another App or piece of software, say MSOffice or OpenOffice etc.

On point 6, Harets, I’ve been with Evernote since the beginning as well, and agree with your concern of ‘full integration’ being a preoblem. Once again I think that the ‘secret sauce’ would be an Adapter Ttransport Layer that bi-directionally allows the content to move but for each application to manage and ‘massage’ the content to fit the individual applications. There are also ways to ‘parse out’ the markup from Evernote, and structuring / styling the incoming data stream.

I’m not a fan of the Evernote iOS App on iPad/iPhone as it seems to abstract away from macOS design. Android or MS Edge Web usage is better (imho).



Thanks team,

Keep up the good work and you’ll keep a loyal customer-base!

Linking to emails would also be a feature I’d love. Independent of the email client; much like we see the email clients of today; it seems like someone develops a new one every other month!

I manage my consulting clients and often their email accounts; if I tie Agenda to emails for myself, so that your principles of information storage using temporal management it would give me the abilty to put together documentation that was very meaningful AND had the flow of information covered as well.

Use Cases (off of the top of my head are too many to enumerate.)

If I’m consulting on projects that require a software audit and recommendation, then I like to be spot-on (obviously), but my view is always “will they be cursing me in a year?”. I know that the future is always uncertain, but implementation principles don’t often change, or would seem to pendulate every few years. (Eg, cloud computation vs distributed client/server architecture)



We definitely have some ideas in this direction, stay tuned!