Fantastical 3 compatibility

So I’ve just purchased Agenda and so far the jury is out on what I think!
Can someone tell me of Fantastical is actually supported? I use Fantastical on all my Apple devices (stock calendar is turned off on Mac and default changed) and I was under the impression that existing calendar items would show in the timeline - is that not the case?

Apologies, I just haven’t completely got to grips with using Agenda yet!

Agenda does integrate with the Apple system apps. If you have configured your Mac/iPhone/iPad to use the same accounts as you have configured for Fantastical you will everything you see in Fantastical within Agenda… all accounts you use in Fantastical only will not be integrated with Agenda.

I use fantastical and yes they integrate it even in the new update. this was requested to them too before

Agreed. I use Fantastical - it integrates just fine

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