Failing Reminders integration

What I did: trying to use the Reminders integration

What happened: on both MacOS and iOS my Reminder Lists are not visible. On the Mac I am prompted to check my Internet Account settings to ensure that I have Reminders in my iCloud account (I am syncing Notes between devices using iCloud). However, this is the case. I also have allowed Agenda to access my Reminders in IOS and MacOS.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

MacOS - Agenda 6.0
iOS - whichever is current today


On both devices can you verify whether in the Settings/System Preferences > Privacy indeed Agenda has access to reminders? Next, can you try the following on each device:

  • Quit Agenda

  • Open the

  • Create a reminder there

  • Double-tap the home button and swipe up the Agenda thumbnail (to force quit it)

  • Start Agenda

Does it now allow you to create a reminder?

Hi Alexander,

the problem seems to have disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared. Perhaps been a conflict between different mobile device versions? I checked my iPad and found it working there - then went back to the Mac and iPhone and found it now working as expected there as well. Crazy eh? I will keep an eye on it and let the community know of any untoward behaviour. Thanks for the great support!


Ah, strange, well better this way :smiley: Let us know if any issues return.
Best wishes,