F Keys

I’d like to be able to run my business using Agenda as an operating environment. To do that I’d like to be able to utilise the F Keys to launch different aspects of Agenda, while still being completely integrated in the background. To this I’d like to be able to launch and write mail - either email or printed / pdf documents, all catalogues and filed as I go. I’d like to be able integrate other environments such as MYOB to be accessed and then closed afterwards, all from within Agenda. Can you please tell me how to do that?


Nigel Young

Hi Nigel,
I’m afraid Agenda is not really designed for that purpose. We leave control aspects to the operating system. You can certainly use standard macOS key combinations to move to other apps, and you can drag the resulting documents into Agenda. But the app is not designed to be a central command, if I am understanding your request.

Note that apps like Alfred are very good at setting up this type of automation.

Hope that helps!
Kind regards,