Exporting Data to Google Sheets or other Database

I’m a fairly new user to Agenda and not an engineer or hacker. Scripting is mostly above my head.
I’m looking to integrate or export my Agenda data into a table like Google Spreadsheets. Why? I track a lot (10,000+) of notes that I want to be accessible for filter and review years into the future. Agenda is such a great note-taking tool, with quick access across ideas, but I am already getting to a point of not being able to re-use the notes effectively without putting them into a tool like Sheets. Also, I want to keep Agenda simple but need a place to send old data…
I thought about exporting and importing the JSON file, but I’m a little lost both on doing it and not sure if it will consistently deliver what I want.
Any suggestions? I’m happy to dig into scripting alittle if necessary, but I’m hoping for a highly repeatable use.