Expired Notes in red

Any plans to make Expired Notes in red colour or with any red accent ?

In what way do you mean expired?

For example.

I plan something for today, but the Note is finally not completed (still open).

If I look in “On the Agenda” (or anywhere) tomorrow, all this not completed (expired) Notes should be easy recognized – as red color text of the Note or red symbol or exclamation red mark.

I think, your software is so good and it will be very pity lose such popular function.

Od: Alexander Griekspoor via Agenda Community community@agenda.com
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mekentosj Support Team
April 9

In what way do you mean expired?

The date that the note has is not necessarily a due date. You could use it that way, but many people just use it as a “relevancy” date. Eg. it could be the date you had the meeting, or the week you were at the conference, etc.

So it wouldn’t make that much sense to make the notes red just because the meeting was over, for example. You are probably better to put a #due(27/02/2019) type tag inside the note, and create a saved search for #due(today). Then any note with the due tag will appear in that overview. When you are finished with the note, remove the tag.

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