Expired Due Dates


Is it possible to somehow return a list of notes that have exceeded their Due Date but not yet been marked as complete?

Even if you’d rather not create a new standard section for this, I wonder if it could be implemented as part of the existing custom search feature. For example I might search DUE(expired) and then save that.

I am concerned about setting an important due date and having no way to quickly identify that I have missed a deadline.



You can search for #due(today). That will find any note that includes a #due tag from today or earlier. You could then save this search as an Overview (eg “Due Notes”).

We don’t have any way to search for notes marked complete. That is in our plans.


Thanks for your quick response - excuse my poor use of terminology but the technique you suggested doesn’t seem to work, I suspect that’s because I am actually ‘assigning’ a calendar date to my note by clicking the calendar icon, rather than creating a ‘due’ tag.

Can you think of a workaround based on this clarification?



For the benefit of others I’d just like to share a workaround which will show all notes which have an ‘assigned’ date of “today" or earlier, which does not rely on using a #due tag.

  1. Click ’Search All’

  2. Click the Magnifier icon to begin a search

  3. Scroll back in time on the calendar widget for some amount of time (say 10 years ago, 1st Jan 2008). Click to select the date.

  4. Now scroll back to today and, holding shift, click today’s date. This selects a range of 10 years.

  5. Save the search as an ‘Overview’ (premium feature)

  6. You should now have a saved filter for ‘Previous X days plus today’

That is sufficient for my needs at the moment - but once the developers implement a way to filter based on complete status this will be perfect.



Great tip, thanks for sharing!


Good tip, indeed. Yes, you are quite right that a #due note is not the same thing as a date-assigned note. #due is a specialized tag, with special search properties. A note is considered due if it has a #due tag date that falls on a date, or before that date. This is quite separate from the assigned date of the note.


I’ll check this again tomorrow, but I tried the #due(today) saved search mentioned above. However it seems to convert the saved search to the actual date (ie. when the search was created). So when the next day comes, the saved search doesn’t show anything as it is searching for notes based on the prior day’s date. If I’m not clear, just let me know, but also just making sure I’m not misunderstanding this.


When you save the search, there should be an option that appears to interpret the dates as absolute or relative. So you can have the date move with time in the saved search.



Thanks for the note Drew, and that’s what I thought was supposed to happen based on your help page, but the only option that pop’s up is to give the saved search a name. Here’s what I’m doing more specifically:

Go to “Search All”
Enter search string “#due(today)”
Underneath the box it correctly shows “tags matching #due(today)” and then under that is an option to “save search as overview"

Whether I select “save the search” there or I just hit return and use the "save search in overview” button it just prompts me to name the overview. In the name it converts the #due(today) to #due(today’s actual date), but I was assuming that the actual overview title doesn’t impact the search itself? Or are you saying if I change the search title back to #due(today) that it will be relative?

I did do the above and change the title to the relative version, so will see if that makes a difference, but there doesn’t appear to be any other prompt that asks about relative vs. actual date.


So this still doesn’t work. There is no prompt to make the date relative that I’ve seen, and chaning the title to the relative expression has no impact. Would appreciate either letting me know what I’m missing, or if this is indeed a bug that is being worked on?


It seems I was mistaken about this. The relative dates message appears if you have selected a date or range of dates for the search. Unfortunately this still doesn’t work for due tags. Something we have to work on. Sorry.


OK, Thanks just wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. But this would indeed be a very key capability for managing tasks and real due dates, so hopefully that can be a priority on the roadmap:) Love the product otherwise!