Editing oddities

I’ve noticed numerous editing oddities in Agenda, mostly after copy-pasting or undoing but it’s been really hard to capture. Often I’m in the middle of things or it’s not easy to reproduce.

But this time, I’ve caught it “in flagranti” and managed to record what I see:

What I’m trying to do is rearrange blocks 3 and 4 and then start ticking off items. Just before starting the video I’ve copy-pasted block 4 before block 3.

I’ve also hit undo a couple of times in order to get it ready for recording.

FWIW, it seems like the copy-paste messed it up but it’s hard to tell. I’ve also found undo rather unreliable at times. The cursor ends up in weird places or things get undone in unexpected places.

This is really hard to describe - you need to see it really. Which is what this video hopefully shows.

The upshot is that the editor, as nice as it looks, really feels a bit unreliable.

Hope this helps tracking it down.


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I’ve had a crash on the iPad this morning. After copy/paste and a couple of undo’s (back to desktop). Crashlog sent in, hopefully it finds its way to dev

After restarting Agenda, all recent changes were lost (in this case, it was the best since I was not happy with the those changes)

It sounds like an undo issue we are investigating. Sorry you experienced that.

We are looking it. Indeed, it seems related to copy/paste in combination with undo.

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Great to hear you’re looking into it!

FWIW after posting I realised that in this particular case there might be something else at work, because the problem persisted even after a restart (which presumably clears any undo manager state).

You can’t see it in the video but I’ve enumerated the tests and there’s a 2. item above:

I suspect what’s messing it up is the automatic enumeration formatting that kicks in when I change the 4. to be a 3. and therefore completing the sequence.

Hope that helps,

Hmm, that is interesting. So you are using a checklist, but also adding numbers in. That could indeed be a clue. Will look into it. Thanks!

same here, I got checklist, ‘dash’-List and numbered lists in one ‘chapter’