Different options for sync across different platform

I’ve been an Agenda user for a few years and I’ve been absolutely loving it, no issues at all.

However as I changed my job recently and moved to this much bigger company, things got a lil tricky. The new company got much more restricted protocols about file sharing, therefore iCloud is disabled by default on company issued devices, so is Dropbox (they use Box instead). Now if I want to continue use Agenda for note taking and sync across all of my devices I’d have to go old fashion - copy and paste, which is definitely not a long term solution.

I know it’s too much to ask for you guys to set up your own server but is there a way to add other options, in my case, Box, for notes syncing? Otherwise I’m afraid I’d have to move on to find alternative apps which would really suck.

Sorry you are experiencing this. I know it must be frustrating. Unfortunately, adding a new sync option is not that trivial, and we can’t do it short term on our current release schedule.

The other problem is that everyone wants something different. Box, Google Drive, Amazon etc. It is not really feasible to support them all.

We would like to probably add something like WebDav. That would allow people to use their own sync server. Will see what we can do in this regard, but won’t be short term I’m afraid.

Kind regards,