Deleting notes



I want to delete notes. And “found out” following:

  • It is not possible to select more than one notes AND delete them. Only possible one by one. Would be nice to delete all selected notes.
  • „Delete note“ in the pull down menue („right click“ on a note) is grey/inactive but stillit is possible to delete the note by hitting the „Delete“ key.


The “Delete Note” choice on the “right-click” menu seems to location specific in the note. For instance if you right-click in the Title area, it’s greyed out. However if you “select” the note (i.e. it changes color), then right-click anywhere in the body part, the “Delete Note” will work just fine.

I was able to command click two notes to get both to highlight, then pressed my Delete key and both items deleted.


Thanks @kkathman! Yes, „Delete Note“ works only when „right-click“ in the body area. Would be nice to make it available also in the title area.
After some tries I managed to delete also two notes, but I have no idea what to do to make it possible.


Hi Claus,

It DID take me some diligence. The “Delete note” is very odd that even in the body it doesn’t always show up active on the Right-Click menu. I’m NOT sure why that is.

To do the multiple- note delete, I clicked on note 1, to where the yellowish background appeared. Then I clicked on note 2, holding dow the Command key which made BOTH of them change to that yellowish background. With them both “selected” I just pressed my DELETE key and they both went away. It’s a bit unpredictable I think, but I WAS able to reproduce that method. But I DO agree with you, that “Delete Note” being greyed out is very inconsistent.


Yes, this looks like it could be improved. Will note it.


I believe this should now be fixed in the 2.2 update, control/right-clicking anywhere in the yellow area of a selected note should bring up the contextual menu.


Yes, works (better) now.
But still I get the dropdown menu a second time after choosing „Delete note“.

  1. Note, right click -> choose „Delete Note“
  2. Note disapears
  3. Dropdown menu appears again (without right click)
    (I already informed about this bug)


I can’t reproduce this, a few questions:

  • when you right click delete note do you use control-click or a true right click with the mouse?

  • don’t you get the confirmation dialog asking you to confirm the deletion or did you in the past check the box to know longer ask?

  • does it matter if you click next to the title or on the text of the note?

  • I use a a right click to get the dropdown menu and another right click to trigger „Delete note“. Then the drowpdown menu appears again. In e.g. Finder I can use 2x the right click without I get the dropdown menu a second time.
  • Yes, I decided to not see the dialog box again.
  • No, it does not matter where I click.


Ah, so if you right click to trigger the menu, but left click to select Delete Note it doesn’t happen, correct?


I tried it now, not matter if left or right click, I get another time this dropdown menu!
It does not happen if I use the Trackpad or my Wacom Art Pad.


Another test: Click on the yellow area of a note (no text selected) and deleted it by Mouse/right click/Delete note - > Note disappears and drop down menu appears again!

Now do this: Select some text in a note, right click on the selection -> Delete note -> note disappears BUT without showing the drop down menu again.


What if you restart the Mac and try again without the Wacom tablet attached?


FYI - I’m not experiencing this issue.

The first time I deleted an item, I got a dialog, then I chose not to see that warning. Subsequent deletes, just deleted the note and left everything else intact.


Without Wacom tablet (after restart): Same problem (2x dropdwon menu).