Deleting all characters in a line causes formatting to change to the above line’s format

What I did:

  1. Type some text, and set formatting to H2 (or any other format)
  2. Hit Return
  3. Set format to Checklist (w/ CMD + SHFT + C), type a few characters, delete those characters, then type a word and hit Space

What happened:
The newly typed characters switched format from checklist to whatever format was on the line above (in this case, H2)

What I expected:
Text should retain the current line format (in this case, Checklist)

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
This bug has been present on the last couple versions of Agenda for Mac at least (I’m currently replicating it on v9.0, on macOS Mojave 10.14.6). I also seem to recall noticing a release note in Agenda a version or two ago mentioning a similar-sounding bug, which is why I didn’t bother posting this report. But, since my bug remains, I’m posting now.

Thanks for reporting it. It is indeed a known bug. Unfortunately, it is not so trivial to fix. At least, we could fix this bug, but it would give rise to other bugs.

In short, this behaviour needs some serious attention to restructure it, and we plan to do that. But it isn’t easy to fix it properly in a short time.

Thanks again for the report.

Kind regards,

Got it, thanks Drew. FWIW, I hit this bug every day multiple times in my normal use of Agenda (it’s common for me to start typing something, then change my mind and type something else). I’m starting to build in muscle memory to re-apply the formatting whenever I do, but it’s unfortunate to have to do so.

That being said, I trust you and the Agenda team to make the best prioritization decisions that you can. Thanks as always for the great app!

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