Delete tags from sample data

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I believe those should disappear the moment you delete the project that contains the last occurrence of a tag (i.e. the sample documents). We also hope to provide more tag management options in the future (e.g. a tag browser/editor).

This might help @dominicialex.

I had to remove an unwanted tag from a bunch of notes scattered across several different projects. I’d misspelled it, so of course I wanted to get rid of it and add the correct one at the same time. What I did might work to help remove the unwanted tags from the create tag list so all you show are yours, but it was time consuming.

What I did is I searched for the misspelled tag, then manually edited the notes. Once every note was edited, and all the bad tags erased, those tags also disappeared from the create tag list.

I don’t know if there’s a more automated way, or maybe I’m missing something. I work on an iPad, so it would be nice to press and hold a tag in a note and be able to Rename Tag (for those pesky misspellings), and Delete Tag with a Confirm dialogue box that states it will eliminate the tag from all notes (e.g. sample tags). Both of those would be handy; for instance when a coworker’s name changes with their marital status or when someone leaves the firm.


Are there any upcoming news in this regard? I would greatly appreciate a better way to manage tags. Especially when you have a lot of them it gets messy really fast. Thank you!