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Is the next update soon enough? :wink:


That sounds fantastic, looking forward to it!


Uhm…will you please share that keyboard shortcut?

Shortcut Command
⇧⌘ U Mark as On the Agenda / Remove from On the Agenda
⌘ ⏎ Mark as Done / Undone
⌥⌘ ⏎ Mark as Done Completely (also Removes from On the Agenda)
⇧⌘ ⏎ Assign to Today

See Introducing Agenda for all keyboard shortcuts

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is it possible to create recurring tasks within Agenda?


On the Mac not yet, on iOS you can create recurring events. They are supported on both platforms though, as in, recurring events in your calendar will show in Agenda on both Mac and iOS and you link a note to individual instances of the recurring events. On mac you will have to create these events in the Calendar app however.

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Being able to create recurring events on iOS will be a massive help to me when it’s available :+1:


Is it possible to assign a date to a note, but then ALSO link it to a calendar event?
I want to keep the note assigned to today’s date for future reference, but one of my Actions within that note is to follow up with a client a couple days in the future.
Please let me know!


Is it possible to assign a date to a note, but then ALSO link it to a calendar event?

This isn’t possible I’m afraid. I can see the use case you’re describing but am afraid it could get highly confusing quickly. What you describe however is the exact use case for the On the Agenda feature, that meeting with the client in a couple of days you would put on the agenda so you always have it at hand in the days leading up to the event. Afterwards you’d take it off the agenda.


I guess you could add a #due date like #due(2 days) to the note. The you could setup a search for #due(today), and save that as a saved search, called “Follow Up” or something. That might work.


I understand that line of thinking.
Could it perhaps be developed in the future in the style of say, iMessages, where if you write the words “today at 9pm” in an iMessage, it creates a selectable hyperlink which takes you to that date? In which you could create a Reminder or a Calendar Entry that links back to the note which contains the date stamp of the day the note was written?
i.e. you could have the option to link to the default Calendar, but also to the default Reminders app?


I’d find that very useful, too :+1:


I’d like to be able to see a list of notes created on the selected date when scrolling from date to date in the right sidebar. Below “calendar events” for the current date, also show notes for the current date. Is this possible somehow and I’m missing it? I guess what I’m looking for is a calendar for my notes, analogous to the calendar for my events that I’d see in the Calendar app.


Hi Josh,

Agenda is not designed as a general purpose Calendar app. You probably want to use the real Calendar app for that.

The display on the right relates to the currently selected note. You can see what events are on the same day as that note etc.

What you can do is use search for what you are asking. Select the search field, and then use the calendar button next to it to set a date. Change the search to “Search All” and you should see all the notes on that date. You can change the date, and see the notes for each date. You can also save a particular search as an Overview (eg Tomorrow).



Hello - when I link to an existing calendar event, it copies all the calendar note details (VERY lengthy default meeting note - dial-in / scheduling / international options). Is there any way to filter out all existing calendar event notes and not bring it into your agenda note?


Agenda doesn’t import the event data if the note already contains content, which might be a workaround for you:

  • first create a new note
  • add some content to it
  • only then link it to the calendar event

of course, the alternatively would just be to use command-A to select all context, then hit delete.


I want to assign dates to notes which are quite a bit in the past. This means I have to click many times on the “<” button to get to a date several years ago. Is there a quicker way to do this?