Dates and Events



A unique feature of Agenda is how it allows you to attach dates to your notes, and even couple notes to events in your calendar. The notes you take integrate into your projects and daily activities, and you have a complete picture of past, present, and future.

Dates and Notes

Dates and ranges of dates can be added to notes, and edited, using the date button that appears top-right when a note is selected. Clicking the button brings up a calendar control.

Setting the Date

To set the date for a note…

  1. Select the note.
  2. Click the date button top-right on the note.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to move to the desired month.
  4. Click on the date.
  5. Click the Save button.

Changing the date of a note can cause the note to move to a different position in the list, to maintain the correct sorting order.

Setting a Range of Dates

Setting a range of dates for a note is similar to a single date.

  1. Select the note.
  2. Click the date button top-right on the note.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to move to the desired month.
  4. Either…
    • Click and drag across the desired range, or…
    • Click the start date, and hold SHIFT while clicking the end date.
  5. Click the Save button.

Removing a Date

To remove an existing date or range of dates from a note…

  1. Select the note.
  2. Click the date button top-right on the note.
  3. Either…
    • Click on the date to deselect it, or…
    • Click on empty space at the bottom of the calendar to deselect.
  4. Click the Save button.

Sorting Order

Notes that include dates are kept in chronological order. By default, they are ordered from newest to oldest, but that can be changed on a per project basis.

To change the sort order of a project…

  1. Click on the project to select it in the sidebar.
  2. Click the project title at the top of the list of notes.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the popover, if needed.
  4. Click the menu item Sort by Oldest Notes First

Notes with no date will maintain their position relative to notes with a date.

Filtering Notes by Date

You can filter the notes list based on text using the search field that appears when you click the magnifying glass icon, but you can also filter by date.

To filter notes based on date or range of dates…

  1. Select the project or overview you want to filter in the sidebar.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass button to show the search controls.
  3. Press the calendar button that appears to the left of the search field.
  4. To select a single date, click it in the calendar.
  5. To select a range of dates, click and drag the range, or select the start date, and then click the end date holding down SHIFT.
  6. Apply any other filters desired, e.g. entering a search term.

Calendar Events

Applying dates to your notes is already very useful, but sometimes notes apply to a particular event, such as a conference you are attending, or a weekly meeting. Agenda allows you to couple a note to an existing event in your calendar, or even create a Calendar event without ever leaving Agenda app.

Linking Calendar App

Before Agenda can access events in your calendars, it needs your permission. You need to link your Calendar app to Agenda.

To link Calendar app to Agenda…

  1. Open the Related Info panel on the right by clicking the grip half way up the right side of the window.
  2. At the top, click the button to link your Calendar.
  3. When prompted, allow Agenda access to your calendars.

Creating an Event

To create a new Calendar event from inside Agenda…

  1. Select the note that you want to create the event for.
  2. Click the calendar button at the top-right of the note.
  3. Set a date if one does not yet exist.
  4. Click the Create Event button at the bottom of the date popover.

Creating a new event from Agenda is a premium feature, and requires the premium feature upgrade be purchased.

Linking an Existing Event

To link a note to an existing event in the calendar…

  1. Select the note.
  2. Click the calendar button at the top-right of the note.
  3. Select the date that the event falls on on the left.
  4. Click the event on the right side of the popover.
  5. Press the Save button.

Updating Events

When you change an event in the Calendar app, Agenda will bring those changes over. If you change the date, for example, the date of the note will change in Agenda too.

The same applies the other way around: if you change the date of a note in Agenda which is linked to an event, the date of the event will also change in the Calendar app.

Remove Calendar Link Date to Notes
How do I make a calendar event from Agenda?
How do I remove a date from a note?

Is there a way to control which calendars are visible? I have many calendars that I would like to turn off so that I can focus on work related events.

Thanks! Ryan


Hi Ryan, we certainly have seen this request more often and makes a lot of sense, we’ll do our best to add this option in a future update.
Thanks for the feedback!


Is there a way to use Fantastical as the default calendar?


Hi Paul,

See this topic, in short, it’s on our to do list:


Thanks for letting me know.



I would like to know the rationale behind dates and new notes. I was expaecting that when I create a new entry it set to Today in the date but It looks like no date is associated with it. How does the sorting works then?


Some notes need dates, and others don’t really have a logical time. So we leave it blank. There is a keyboard shortcut to assign today’s date.

Sorting of non-dated notes is just manual. Wherever you drag them in the list, they will stay, relative to the other notes. This is pretty powerful actually. Quite flexible.


Ok! That make sense.
Thanks Drew!


How do I remove a calendar link? I tried to delete the Agenda URL in Calendar, but Agenda still shows the link.


How do I remove a calendar link? I tried to delete the Agenda URL in Calendar, but Agenda still shows the link.

You can delete the link by clicking the calendar icon and in the popover click on the selected event again, followed by save. Alternatively, you can click in the grey area of the calendar in the left half of the popover and then save.


Ah, yes. That works, thank you. I expected to be able to remove the link from the sidebar, maybe by right-clicking the indicator icon that shows that the event is linked to a note.


We’ll have a look and see if we can add right-click support, that indeed makes a lot of sense, thanks for the suggestion.


I’m with Ryan on this calendar issue. In an office environment this app is not very useful without being able to limit the number of visible calendars. I have 30 calendars on my iCal system (various employees, building assigments, vehicles, vacation schedules, etc). But I only need my personal calendar to be in sync with Agenda. There are other empoyees that have many more calendards than I do. Until that feature is added, I can’t even consider expanding this app in our office environment.


It’s a high priority. Will not be too long. Stay tuned!


I’m disappointed that I can only link one note to a calendar event.

I had several topics in separate projects/notes that needed to be discussed at the same meeting today. I could only add the one I considered most important and had to leave out the others, relying on my memory to bring up the other subjects.


Perhaps we’ll offer more options in the future but generally a single note corresponds to a single event. One option could be to create a note for the meeting and use the Note > Link to.. command to insert links to respective sub notes and/or projects describing the various topics you discussed.


Fully agree. For work, the potential here is great, but with visibility into so many calendars, the side-bar is actually blinking and I cannot link to any calendar, at all.

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This is for sure on my top list right now. Currently I have access to a few calendars that I only look at occasionally that are schedules for people’s OOO dates or when they are on shift, so they aren’t necessary to view in the Agenda app most of the time and my calendar view in Agenda is pretty cluttered. Is this feature going to be supported kinda soon? I’m most interested in Agenda’s integration with the calendar, and this is kinda holding it back.