Date Ranges Spanning Months



Haven’t tried it in the iOS version yet, but I’m having one heck of a time with date ranges that span months in the MacOS version of Agenda. Can the devs experiment with spanning months in the date range picker and see but what there isn’t room for improvement there. When using the picker, the month won’t advance. There are some ways around that but it hinges on using the “next 7, next 10” options. I think this is an oversight that needs fixing… or I’m doing something terribly wrong. Thanks.


We know there is a performance problem with long ranges. You might be wise to avoid them until we have a fix. It is on our roadmap to look into quite soon.



Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think it’s actually possible to set date ranges that span the end of one month into the beginning of another. It doesn’t have to do with long date ranges or performance - it’s just not possible with the UI.

For example: how do I set a date range on a note For Monday April 29, 2019 to Friday May 3, 2019?

  • go to April 2019 and select Monday April 29
  • go to May 2019
  • hold the shift key and select Friday May 3