Cutting and Pasting to Pages

What I did: cut and paste a note on Agenda and put it into Pages on my Mac.

What happened: There was too much spacing in Pages and I had to put it in Notes on Mac first then past back to Pages to get no stylization.

What I expected: I would like to be able to cut and paste from Agenda to Pages without having to do any formatting.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

I’m afraid this will never work perfectly, because it depends largely on what Pages does with the data, which we have no control over.

Agenda will put rich text, and plain text, on the clipboard, but Pages will read that off and restyle it for your document.

Things you can try are:

  • In Pages, use Edit > Paste and Match Style instead of just Edit > Paste
  • In Agenda, use Copy As > Markdown or Copy As > HTML to see if that helps at all

Agenda is not a rich text editor like Pages. In Pages you can control all of the fonts and text sizes etc. In Agenda, we use a fixed set of styles. The focus in a note taking app is on speed, rather than flexible styling. So the two will never mesh perfectly, but hopefully you can find a compromise where you are left with only a little cleanup.

Note that Agenda also has export options like Rich Text. Perhaps exporting a rich text document, and importing that into Pages, will work better.

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Try doing a “Copy As” to RTF and then pasting into Pages. It works well for me and is one of the reasons I like Agenda. It tends to be one of the best at getting text out.