Create an event doesn‘t create link to Agenda note

I‘ve created an event using the Option inside agenda. This is working fine.

The note was linked to the calender

Have a look inside the event I‘ve seen, that there is no link from the calendar entry the Agenda note.

Is this normal at the Moment / planend for future release?

I‘ve used the iOS-Version

Thanks for reporting, we’ll investigate and get back to you. Is this for any kind of calendar you try to insert the event in?

For me the same problem occurs. I’ve tested this with an event in an iCloud calendar, which gives me a link back to the agenda Note, but when linking an event from an Exchange calendar, the link back isn’t there. So it may be related to Exchange / Outlook. Can you test this and confirm?

Hi afraid the same for me.

  • Create an event in Agenda. As I set the times, I noted that no Agenda link automatically pops into the URL field which is what I’d expect to happen.
  • Check in BusyCal and Calendar app but neither has an Agenda link in the Info for the event.
  • I tried in two different iCloud calendars but no change.

Are you using the new 5.3 version of Agenda? There were some issues with setting up events in 5.2.

Yes 5.3 is the version I’m using.

It doesn’t add a link when I’m creating an event.
It does add a link in the Notes field when I link to an existing event.

Very clear and that seems indeed to be the difference, we’ll check.

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