Crash by trying to «unstar» a line

What I did:
Had a line with a star in it.
Tried to unstar it by klick on the left on the little circle that apears in front of a line, and where you can change styles etc.

What happened:
App crashed. Had to reopened.

What I expected:
the star should disapear from the line. nothing else.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
MacOs 12.4
Agenda Version 14.1.1 (231)

Does it contain you to crash if upon starting the app, you try to unstar the same line again?

Yes. After reopening the App on Mac, it crashes again in the same line.
It works, if I star and unstar in MacOs.
But crashes, if I star a line within iPhone and unstar it in MacOs

iOS 15.5
Agenda version: 14.1.1

Would it be possible to export the note as an agenda file and send it to

You should have two files in the mailbox.
I set up an example project with a note.
Add a star via iPhone and crashed the App via Mac.
I exported the note before and after the crash.

comment remark

  • Mac-App crashes too, if I set a star in Mac by using hashtag-star and afterward try to „unstar“ the line by using the little circle in the left.

  • There is no crash, if I „star“ / „unstar“ both with the little circle in the left.

  • I also tried to bold and unbold a line with the little circle in the left, it only worked for the marked words – not for the entire line.
    Maybe that’s what you want, maybe it’s connected to the problem with the star. (I never tried this before)

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Thanks, super helpful, we’ll try to get to the bottom of it.

Update: I believe to have now fixed the issue as part of Agenda 15. Thanks again for your help!