Copying word from a list copies the whole list item

What I did: Copy a single word from a list item, and pasting it elsewhere.

What happened: The whole list item was pasted

What I expected: To have just the word I copied pasted to the new location

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iPad Pro 10.5, iOS 12.2 and Agenda 5.2

I have a feeling that there is something a bit wonky about the text engine on Agenda for iOS. It is odd because I have seen you claim that you just use the standard system text engine. But I keep getting strange behaviours such as this that I dont get in other apps. I sometimes also get strange autocorrects, as others have reported on elsewhere, and text keeps inheriting formating from the previous row (turning an intended list into a heading for example). Text editing on Agenda for iOS doesnt feel like it does in other apps. So something strange seems to be going on here …

It is based on the standard controls, but it is also highly customized. Indeed, Agenda behaves differently to, eg, Apple Notes. That is quite deliberate. Some of the things you are seeing are probably deliberate choices, and others bugs.

In terms of the copy/paste issue, I can’t seem to cause it. If I copy a word out of a list, and paste into Apple Notes, I just get that word, not the whole item. What app were you pasting into?

Sorry, I wasnt clear enough. I pasted it into Agenda. Either another place in the same note, or a different note. I should note that I sometimes seem to actually get the one word pasted, but as a list item. It isnt entirely consistent it seems …

Yes, it will carry the list item format. If you paste it into an empty line, I would expect it to be a list item. Pasting it into an existing project anywhere but the beginning will probably not be a list item.

Note that you can use Edit > Paste and Match Style to just paste text, with no style at all.