Complex filtering

first of all, agenda is great idea. I have a lot of tasks and usually I need notes to each task as well. You understand that well!

I am not going to propose colored text, sharing possibilities… no. Thats not urgent (for me).
I just want you to know, why I cannot move to Agenda completely. Now I am using 2Do, I dont want to compare. Just one thing. Filtering!

I mean complex filtering.
Lets say I want to find (and then save this search) across all projects.
All words in search bar are logical AND, but that is not enough, I really need OR and NOT(!).

I need to find everything regarding tag #UEFA, but I have lot of these, I just want find which are not #done or possibly something else.
I dont want to delete these #done notes, because I need history. I cannot move #done to separate project because this way I loose context and moreover #UEFA notes are not just inside one project.

Thanks a lot.


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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, more advanced search is certainly on the roadmap. Just have a few more high priority items at this point (eg images). Stay tuned!



@drewmccormack I was just wondering about this as well. I :heart: Agenda; it’s been a game-changer for me. One of the only things I most want in addition to the stellar feature set is ability to do and save more complex searches.

Key example for me is that I have tags I use on some checklist items and I want to only find ones that are not marked as Done so I can quickly find any that might have fallen through the cracks.

Thanks for an awesome product!

I think a good example of complex text-based search parameters is part of the feature set of Remember the Milk, in case you want some inspiration I think is valuable. I no longer use RTM because Agenda is so much better for me, but I do miss those search abilities.

Hi Jase,
Absolutely. Exactly the sort of searches we have in mind, and much more. It’s a priority for us too. Just a question of lining up the ducks.
Note that the post above is quite old, but this is now really something we are getting to. It has moved near the top of the list.
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