Complex filtering

first of all, agenda is great idea. I have a lot of tasks and usually I need notes to each task as well. You understand that well!

I am not going to propose colored text, sharing possibilities… no. Thats not urgent (for me).
I just want you to know, why I cannot move to Agenda completely. Now I am using 2Do, I dont want to compare. Just one thing. Filtering!

I mean complex filtering.
Lets say I want to find (and then save this search) across all projects.
All words in search bar are logical AND, but that is not enough, I really need OR and NOT(!).

I need to find everything regarding tag #UEFA, but I have lot of these, I just want find which are not #done or possibly something else.
I dont want to delete these #done notes, because I need history. I cannot move #done to separate project because this way I loose context and moreover #UEFA notes are not just inside one project.

Thanks a lot.


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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, more advanced search is certainly on the roadmap. Just have a few more high priority items at this point (eg images). Stay tuned!


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