I know that new applications need time to settle and require acceptance.
But to get users to adopt the application one has to trust that the application is going to be supported, updated and upgrated for a long time in the future.
It takes for users a lot of effort to adopt the application, transfer all relevant data and start/keep working with it.
Also the price is an important factor. I used Evernote since 2009 and was really turned off when they raised their price by 50% all at once in 2016.
What can you offer to built confidence that the application is here to stay, supported actively and is not over-priced in the future?
By experience I just hate lock-ins!!


We have deliberately avoided subscriptions because we don’t like lock ins either. And we have several different export methods to get data out.

I can’t promise anything, because I just don’t know what tomorrow brings. All I can say is that I have been developing my other app for 10 years now (Studies), and that Alex worked on Papers for about the same time. Apps with longevity.

We are in it to build something long term.