Collapsed notes in "On the agenda" only

Hey there,
I use Agenda a lot and sometimes it’s really useful to have the possibility to collapse notes.
But when I collapse a specific note in the “on the agenda” section, it is automatically collapsed in its “Project” section as well.

In every project, it’s like having a timeline of a topic and could be useful to have a note not collapsed (even if its very long) considering that I’m working on a specific project.

But again, when I’m looking at the “On the agenda” section, I’m taking a look at more tasks/topics with the same priority. I need to collapse very long notes when they are “On the agenda” but they shouldn’t be collapsed in their project as well.

In my opinion, this view setting shouldn’t be connected between the two sections.


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I think this is an interesting suggestion. Quite complex, I would think. Basically ever different overview/project would have its own settings for each note. Doable, but complex. We will keep it in mind.

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