Collapse notes in search results?

When doing a search, is there a way to collapse all the results, only showing the titles of the matching notes?

I’m looking at moving all my nvAlt notes over to Agenda. Some of my notes are VERY large, and if I search for a fairly common term, there’s no reasonable way for me to scroll through and find the note I’m looking for. I’d love to collapse all the notes, and scroll through the titles of the notes that matched, clicking on individual notes to expand them and see what matched inside.


We don’t offer that now but we would like to offer more options in the future indeed.

Further on this, it would be perfect to show a truncated version of the note in the search results, along with the note title. I don’t always know which note title I’m looking for, and I also don’t want to wade through the entire body of the notes when they contain a result.