Cog wheel versus Dot

I am on the Agenda beta and on iOS 13.6 on my phone and the iPad os Beta on my iPad.

I use share function to execute shortcuts to back link between OmniFocus and Agenda, and of course they are broken in iPad is beta 4 ( that is not what this is about)

I reverted to doing my shortcut work on my phone and I will tell you it took me a long time to find out how to share a note from agenda on my phone in this version. I kept wondering where the cog wheel went. I almost sent through a support request. But…through this community I found the “dot” action which takes the place of the cog wheel.

After I have now processed a handful of share shortcuts on my iPhone, I do not think I am a fan of new the interface. I prefer the cog wheel. Was there a reason for this change?

Everyday, I am becoming an even more loyal user, so I thought you should know.

Cheers- Colin

Of course in an ideal world we would have kept the gear menu, which is why it’s still there on iPad and Mac, however it’s a balance between available vertical space and functionality.

With the redesign on the title area of the note (where too often the title would be truncated, the number one complaint of the iPhone app), we needed to move the date to above the title. If we now kept the gear as well you would get an unnatural amount of whitespace between two notes (which would for sure result in people complaining we’re wasting space). Moving/resizing the notes upon selection would be jarring and therefore isn’t an option either. Which leaves moving the gear options into the dot menu, a compromise of all the above. Given that on iOS these actions are not as often used as on iPad or Mac where reorganizing your projects is more natural, we feel this is the best balance.

Hope this gives more insights.

Thanks for taking the time to write it makes sense, as I said, I was only using my phone because…

I’m not going anywhere, thanks for sharing.

One more thing? Will the tile change update be coming to mac too?

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Yes, we hope to have the first v11 beta ready in the beginning of the coming week.