Cmd > as additional short cut for selected text to Block Quote

The key “>” at the start of the line converts it to block quote.

It would be great to be able to select several existing paras and convert them to block quote using Cmd >

I know shift-cmd-6 will work, but I never remember it, and it’s a pain navigating the menu on mac - partly becuase I alway assume Block Quote is on the Indentation menu.

We’ll consider it, but the cmd-6 option fits with the other ones we already support.

I believe all of these shortcuts can be configured in System Preferences, so you could override it yourself.

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Thanks - I wasn’t suggesting replacing cmd-opt-6, but as additional - in the same way [] creates a check list.

[] doesn’t work for existing paragraphs. If you select text, and then type [], it will simply replace the text. The problem is that when you select text, and then type some text (eg “>”), it replaces the existing text. That is a standard text edit. It would be very odd if we applied commands like that, which is why you need to use CMD or CTRL or whatever.

I think the best solution is simply to go into System Prefs and change the standard key command to one you like, like CMD-> or whatever.

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Not trying to be tiresome, but I frequently put the cursor at the beginning of a paragraph that I’ve pasted and type - or [ ] to create a list, or # for a heading.

Wouldn’t > fit logically with this existing functionality?

Sure, if you enter that as text.

Just tested, and indeed this does not work. I think that is just a bug or something we missed. Thought you were asking for something different (ie a command).

Will look into this. Thanks for reporting it.

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