Choose own styles for headings, make headings checkable, add style (grayed out + strike through) to choose for checked checkboxes

Hi, I would love to have this functionality added:

#1 Being able to choose my own style in headings
For me personally I differenciate Headings also being bold, sometimes additionaly underline and sometimes additionaly italic and sometimes both … this makes it much easier to understand quicker where I am in my notes … but using the headings from Agenda limits me to what Agenda originally offers. I would love to be able to decide for myself which heading should have what style => Being albe to set this as individual design standards in the settings.

#2 Checkboxes also infront of headings
Right now, if I have a heading and want to put a checkbox in front of the heading, the heading will turn into normal text. But I also want the heading to be with a checkbox. This way I will be able to have a visual reminder, that all these sub tasks are done.

#3 checked off checkboxes - grey + strike through
In using checkboxes I love how it grayes out if I check the check box. Right now I can only have one of the two: either grayed out to text, or a strike through … what I would love to see is the additional option of both: grayed out + strike through* Now this would alreday make Agenda 100% better for me. :slight_smile:

I know this can also be done choose manually the „strike through“ if use already the grayed out function (automatically - at checking the checkbox). What i mean though is to be able to change this in the settings … so I do not have to do two clicks, but as check a checkbox off … that it will automatically have it grayed out + strike through. Hope this makes sence. Thx so much for Agenda. :slight_smile:

I second these requests!

Thanks for the feedback. With regards to number 2, this is in essence the idea behind “Mark as done”, it functions like a checkbox in that it places a tick mark in front of the title.

The own style of headings would be something we might allow for down the line in the form of creating themes.

The checkbox option we’ll consider adding.

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