Choose default reminders list

is there a way to change the default reminders list? I have 2 lists, but use one 80% of the time. Of course the other one comes up as default, when I create a new one.


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Agenda follows the preference setting of the default list you choose in the Reminders app (which you can choose under Reminders > Default List

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Great - thanks!

Hi, I’m getting back to this nice-to-have feature: would it still be possible to set an Agenda-specific default list within Agenda? The reason is that I use the Reminder’s default list (Inbox) for all other stuff coming from my requests to Siri etc., but I have a special list just for Agenda reminders (there’re many of them, so I don’t want them to clutter my „regular“ reminder Inbox because they’re somewhat different in nature). So I’d like to set the Agenda’s default list to that one (otherwise it’s two more clicks per each new reminder). Thanks a lot

In version 11 Agenda should remember the list you used last and will use that as the default list the next time, which I think should address what you’d like to see. It will also be possible to define the list in the remind shortcut as well like this: \remind(all-day: tomorrow, list: SomeList)