Checklist issues with 4.1.1

I’m seeing some weirdness with checklists with the update from this morning (4.1.1). Some items aren’t showing in lists, but if I hit enter at the end of what appears to be the last item, the missing item shows below it. It’s happening with both existing notes and new ones.

If you see this for a note and do the edit as you mention, do you see the problem again or is it a one-off per note? Does it help if you force quit the app and start it again? See

It’s not a one-off, it will show the missing item but then it goes away again if I go into another project or switch apps. If I edit the note, there’s usually an empty line between what appears to be the last list item and the actual last item that isn’t showing. Force quitting the app, restarting the iPad, and even uninstalling and reinstalling the app didn’t help.

I tried to upload a video showing it, but I can’t since I’m a new user so I put it up on YouTube instead -

Is this only with that note or do you see others showing this behaviour as well?

I’ve only noticed it with the top two notes, but haven’t gone back to the older ones to see if it happens there too. I’ll check and report back. The 2nd note — the 2019-01-28 one — was already there (it was added a couple of days ago) and I added the 2019-01-29 note this morning after installing the update.

Older notes seem to be ok from what I can tell. I can tap in them as if I’m going to edit them and nothing disappears. I also deleted and re-created the two that were having the problem, but that didn’t help.

Any change you could export one or both of those notes in the File > Export > Agenda File format and email it to

I just sent over both notes.

Thanks, got them