Checklist indentation bug

What I did: Write a checklist with tab indentations

What happened: While writing a checklist with tab indentations, the indentation would change automatically either in or out. So without pressing tab or shift+tab, the checklist changes indentation as if I pressed tab or shift+tab. I do not think I have had this issue when I was typing in Engligh (not 100% sure), but definitely happens when I am typing in Korean.

What I expected: The set indentation should not change as I am typing unless I specifically type tab or shift+tab.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 6.0.1, Mac OS 10.14.6

The tab and shift tab do change the indentation. Are you saying that the indentation would just change suddenly for no reason. Could you give a set of steps that I could use to see this happen?

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Yes, without typing tab or shift-tab indentation would change usually to the left side for no reason.

Steps to reproduce is as follows:-

  1. type ‘[] something in Korean’
  2. type ‘tab’, ‘something in Korean’
  3. type ‘something in Korean’

#3’s indentation should be in line with #2’s indentation, but sometimes it would just move to be in line with #1’s indentation.

It does not happen always, it happend frequently last week, it has not happened at all today. But it is only Monday, so…