Checklist boxes absent from widget

I have the following note in Agenda

Here is how it renders in the widget:

The checkboxes are absent, and the crossed-out text is not crossed out in the widget. Since the purpose of this list is to identify what is left to do, the widget is less useful than it could be :blush:

That’s not really the purpose of showing the text. It’s really just trying to give you enough info to identify the note, so you can tap it and jump to the note.

Showing 3 lines of a note is not very useful for viewing content IMO, and would be a challenge to do, because the widgets have much more limited text formatting capabilities than the main app. For this reason, we just show a little plain text to help you see what the note is. (The multi note widgets don’t even show that text.)

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Ok, I see. I have asked the widget to show only notes on the Agenda, and put only one note on the Agenda, with the purpose to always have the contents of that note present on the Home Screen. It’s a kind of constant reminder of priorities for the week.

It works well already, I was asking for some improvements just in case :sweat_smile: (a 4th line of text would be nice too)

We’ll keep it in mind.

As a bonus, Agenda 15 will allow you to pin a favourite note in a widget, in addition to the relevant notes you have now. Should be perfect for just having a permanent note there.

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Great, thanks!