Can't complete making Tag, people with Korean character on iOS

What I expected:
(This is screen capture from Mac app)

화면 기록 2020-12-03 오후 4.11.13

What I did:

  1. open iphone Agenda app
  2. typed just like the screen capture above.

What happened:
(This is screen capture from iOS app)

화면 기록 2020-12-03 오후 4.20.17

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • iphone11, ios14.2

  • Typing order of “한” is… ㅎ → ㅏ → ㄴ

  • If only the first two letters(ㅎ,ㅏ) are typed, the result is ‘하’, which is completed letter. I think that’s why the app seems to close the tag thinking the letters are complete.
    -But app should wait because I can type the next letter. ‘한’ is also completed letter

  • If I type order of ㅎ → ㅏ → ㄴ →ㅏ, The letters change as follows:
    – 1. Type ㅎ : ㅎ
    – 2. Type ㅏ : 하
    – 3. Type ㄴ : 한
    – 4. Type ㅏ : 하나
    -It’s a little complicated to explain, but please let me know if you need this mechanism to solve the problem.

We have had a number of these issues with Korean and other asian keyboards, but we thought they had been solved.

If I understand properly, it is interrupting you halfway through forming the text, but only when you are using the markdown options (eg creating a markdown tag, creating a markdown list, etc). Is that correct?

When you type the tag, for example, you aren’t typing a space or anything(?) But it is interrupting you before the word is completed.

Yes. plain text doesn’t matter

Yes. I only typed Korean character, not a space or anything.
but tag is closed before the word is completed.

Thanks a lot for the clear video+instructions, we’ll have a look.

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