Cannot seem to use the "clear" feature

Hi I need help understand how to use the “clear” feature [\clear] or [\c]

It says that this is supposed to clear the inline formatting but it doesn’t seem to work for me. And the formatting seems intact.
Could someone tell me how this is supposed to work?

I tried before, after, and in between the text, but no luck.
Or am I misunderstanding what “inline formatting” is? I am assuming that that it is the Bold, italics, and other formatting like that.

Any help appreciated

The clear feature should indeed reset the inline style formatting, we’ll take a look why it’s not working as it should, thanks for reporting!

Thank you.

Also 1 small things, but it said that both [\clear] or [\c] are acceptable, but when typing [\c] “@contacts” is predictively selected. So far I have tested with [\clear] to avoid an incorrect command from being selected, but wanted to know if it could be set so [\c] would work without typing the whole word.
Hope this makes sence.

Update: I believe the \clear command should now work properly in Agenda 16.1, let us know if you still hit issues.