Cannot paste formatted text as plain text

What I did: Copying text content from a PowerPoint slide into an Agenda Note renders the text in the same format as on the slide.
Keystrokes: Cmd-V, Cmd-Opt-Shft-V - same result, no plain text
Menu Option: Edit > Paste As > “Plain Text” (or any other variety)
Since none of these work, I have to paste the content into BBEdit, reselect the content, copy and then paste it into Agenda.

What happened: Regardless whether I use keystrokes or menu commands, they all result in the same output, the same format from PowerPoint is pasted into the Agenda Note.

What I expected: Regardless of the text’s existing format, only unformatted text is pasted into the note

Current Ver of Agenda: Version 17.0 (269) - Mac App Store
Current Ver macOS: Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68)
Current Computer: MacBook Pro, 13” 2020, 2GHz Quad-Core Intel i5

Thanks for reporting, we’ll investigate

I found the cause and have worked around the oddities of what Microsoft put on the pasteboard, should be fixed in the 17.0.1