Cannot find "Remove from agenda by default” option in settings

So when I marked a note as completed for the first time, Agenda suggested to remove it from my agenda and make this action a default (I don’t remember the exact wording). At the time I didn’t know if I wanted that, so I checked “Don’t ask me again” checkbox and the suggestion never appeared again.

Now I would like to have that default behavior but I cannot find it anywhere. I was thinking of reinstalling the app in order to get that suggestion again, but I feel like there has to be a setting somewhere that I’m missing.

Are you talking about Agenda for macOS or iOS/iPadOS where you’d like to revert to being asked?

I’m on macOS.

On macOS you can reset the “Do not ask again” questions by holding the alt/option key when clicking the Agenda menu in the menu bar, it should then offer the option to Reset Warnings… that is normally hidden:

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Yay, it worked. Thanks!

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Just out of curiosity, is this like a standard UX to hide this option? Like is this present in other apps too?

Not very standard but it’s exactly done for the situation you are in, a way to relatively easily let the user revert a preference setting with our help, without complicating the app for all users who never need it.

What is more common are so called alternative menu option, you’ll notice in the File and Note menus for example that if you have them open, and press the alt/option key that a number of menu items change to alternative variants.

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