Can We Get Highlighted Misspelling

What I did: Type misspelled words.

What happened: No indication words were misspelled

What I expected: Auto-correct would be excellent (I see it works but only some times), but at least some type of highlight like how other editors will have a red dotted underline under the misspelled words. This would help speed up the work flow. Sometimes need to type really fast and without indications of misspelled words, I would have to carefully go through the text. Or I don’t type fast and go slow to make sure everything is typed correctly the first time. Another option is to allow Grammarly to read the text, like when writing emails. This is the one thing holding me back from incorporating Agenda into my workflow.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Latest of everything including my Macs, iPhones, and iPad pro. Everything is up to date.

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Having Grammarly reading the text would be great!

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Spell check and Check Spelling as You Type should be available, with the cursor blinking in one of your note, you should find the options under Edit > Spelling and Grammar

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A spell check would be great. Now that I am looking more closely at this, I see misspells are highlighted but only temporary. A spell check would definitely help with this. I have checked all Edit options and could not find a ‘Spelling and Grammar” option. Can you help guide the way to find it?

I meant this one: