Can’t put cursor before tag at start of line

What I did:

Typed a tag at the start of the line, realised I wanted to add text before the tag. Positioned cursor at start of the line, and started typing

What happened:

The characters I typed were added to the start of the tag

What I expected:

The characters to be outside the tag

Happens with standard tags and people tags.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Mac Agenda 7.0

I believe this will be fixed in the 9.0 update of Agenda, let us know if that’s not the case.

Ah, I’ve just reproduced it, it’s still there in the v9, we’ll investigate.

In regard to tagging on Agenda (I’ve had the app for a while & have played with it, but I’ve gotten to a point where I have a massive number of tasks from multiple different projects & many of which require me to constantly be searching through notes taken during initial research):
I was playing a little with it to properly understand how tagging works - both making them & how that data is utilized.

Based on what I’ve seen tags are limited to one work. However, when creating a tag the tag ‘box’ doesn’t ‘close’ itself when a space is added and it gives the user the impression that tags can be multiple words. Ditto with a slash (all I’ve tried so far). Has this been addressed in the upcoming release?

It’s not an end of the world issue, but it does make for a slightly steeper learning curve & some time spent figuring out what a tag can and cannot contain. This is useful for me so I know how I can format tags.
It would be annoying if later on down the road, through trial and error, I learn that I can format tags a certain way & would have to go back and updating existing tags.

In addition I am the kind of person that wants the tag ‘box’ to close itself before I keep entering information so I end up adding a new line then deleting it just to close the box.
Any info on this would be appreciated.

On a side note: is there an effort to bring the Mac & iOS/iPadOS to full feature parity? Would love to have the ability to adjust line spacing on the Mac as that’s where I enter the most information.
And I assume if there is full feature parity it would make it easy for iCloud backup to include preferences so that they can be synced across all devices (having to duplicate changes on each devices is a little annoying, line spacing being the most troublesome because of the weird way the slider responds to touch for me).

It would also be nice if I had to only dig through all the various options on one devices to get a good sense of all the capabilities of the app. Duplicating the effort per device is a bit frustrating.
And I am a bit surprised that the iOS devices have relatively large features (eg line spacing adjustment) that the Mac app doesn’t have. I generally assume that the platform that gets the app later on to be lagging in features & if they are released at the same time, more or less, for the Mac app to be more feature rich.

Thanks for the development effort & I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with later. Definitely hoping to see some sort of ‘files’ integration in the future now that the platforms are well synced. Being able to use a document management app (eg, DEVON, Keep It, EagleFinder, etc) to add Agenda data to their catalogue & use Agenda as the primary/sole markup/data creating tool would be pretty awesome.

Thanks for the feedback. We will investigate the tag box, and closing that on enter, as well as preventing spaces.

You indeed cannot use spaces in tags. It should be fairly obvious when the tag appears, because the box it is in will not include the part after the space. But this can be improved. Best would be to allow spaces.

macOS and iPadOS are at reasonable parity. There are things that are difficult or don’t work well on each platform, where we don’t have parity.

Note that you can adjust line spacing on all platforms. On macOS, go to Agenda > Preferences.

It doesn’t make much sense to sync up preferences though. These tend to be very specific to a device. For example, I want a small spacing on my iPhone, to see more on the small screen. It would be very bad to force people to choose exactly the same line spacing and setup on each different type of device. Hope that explains it.

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