Can not remove autodetected link

What I did: Paste or type something Agenda thinks is a link. Then right-click and select Remove Link.

What happened: The link is removed but immediately recreated.

What I expected: The link should stay removed.

Agenda 1.2 beta, but I’m pretty sure I have seen this in 1.1 too.

This does not always happen, but still fairly often.

Thanks for reporting this issue, we’ll investigate.

I also see this issue with version 2.2.1. It’s actually trying to shorten my POSTGRESQL Database links as it seems to be recognizing the postgressql scheme as a deep / app link instead of a database. Maybe you can put a check in there for database connection strings and exclude those from the link recognition if possible. It’s unfortunate at this point because this is kind of preventing me from switching over to agenda since I don’t want to have two notes apps.

If you don’t want urls to be recognized by the app as clickable you can choose the preformatted paragraph style. Note that if a url is shortened this should only happen visually while the entire URL is still preserved. You can check this if you right click the link to copy and/or edit it. If that’s not the case there’s a bug we should fix. Or are you seeing urls being detected in the middle of continues strings? Perhaps showing some screenshots of concrete examples helps us better understand the issue.

Wow, 21 days since I posted that. Feels like yesterday. I’m seeing them show up and be shortened within continuous strings. For example pg_dump --dbname=postgresql:// -Fc > backup.dump.

This formats down to pg_dump -Fc > backup.dump and highlights it as if it’s a link. If I copy and paste it it does not include the url scheme within the link.

Ok, thanks for the example, we’ll have a look.

Any updates on this? I’m still seeing the problem in the latest version. Even if I just had the ability to past as plain text or something along those lines it would fix the issue. As of right now it’s preventing me from using this application at all and I would really like to since I like a lot of the other features.

The trick remains to first activate the preformatted paragraph style (command-control-5), then paste the link. Agenda won’t parse the link in that case.

I also wondered about this behaviour but finally found this post :

It’s “smart links” found in “Edit > substitutions”. Once I turned it off links won’t be parsed automatically anymore.

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