Can I join the iOS Beta?

I use Agenda everyday for work and personal use on my iPad, iPhone and Mac. Would love to be part of the beta program. Thanks!!

Using Agenda for medical school on the iPad, iPhone and Mac! Would love to join the beta program as well! Thanks!

Would love to take part in the Beta program. I use Agenda on a 12.9 iPad Pro as my daily driver.

Hope to get included on the beta for Agenda 14. I’ve been using the app over a year for dozens of projects.

Hope to get included on the beta for Agenda 14

Would like to join ios/ipad os beta.

Please add me to the list for the ios beta: I am a school counsellor and use Agenda as my main organization tool for my work and student cases.

Very keen to join Mac and iOS beta when it is released.


I’d love to be a part of the TestFlight program.

Please add me to the Mac and IOS beta. Thank you.

Hello, is there estimated date of Agenda 14 for everyone?

No absolute deadline yet. We hope to start beta testing in 2-3 weeks. We are in the last phase of internal testing.

I would also love to be included in the beta test when it starts in a few weeks!

Please add me to the beta test for all 3 platforms.

Can I join the iOS Beta?

We will invite beta testers just before the beta is available. Your post means we will be in contact. Thanks for offering to help.

Please add me to the Beta. I’m facing many challenges in Dropbox syncing…


I am having Dropbox syncing issues and would like to join the beta to see if it helps.

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May I join the iOS and Mac betas? I have an M1 MacBook Pro, iPhone, and ipad.

I would like access to the beta