Can I join the iOS Beta?

I’d love to try the beta on testflight too!

I’m interested to join the iOS beta TestFlight

Spots might already be full, but I am interested in the beta testing.


I’d like an invite to the iOS beta please :slight_smile:

Please add me to the iOS beta list !! Thank you.

Please add me to TestExpander roe prerelease testing

I’d be happy to test both iOS and Mac betas.

I would like to join the iOS and iPadOS beta.

Podem me adicionar ao beta por favor?

Please add me for Beta testing and Testflight for ios

Would love to be apart of the Agenda TestFlight beta testing as well!

Can I join?

Hello, could I join the TestFlight as well? :slight_smile:

Can I join?


I would like to participate in the TestFlight beta using an iPad Pro and iPhone running the latest production builds and an iPad mini running the latest developer build.


I’d love to get involved in the IOS Beta

Hi, Excited about Tables, can’t wait to use it!
Could I join the TestFlight as well?

Please add me to the iPad and iOS Beta program.

Can I join the iOS Beta?


Would love to help you all out with testing the new versions, your app has become a staple in my workflow!