Can I join the iOS Beta?

Would love access to the beta. Running iOS 13 on an iPhone XS Max and iPadOS on an iPad Pro.

I am curious about new features in Agenda too. Would love to join the beta if possible. Currently using iPhone 6S and iPad Pro on iOS 13 public beta.

I would like to join the beta. The app is broken slightly on iOS 13 so it would be nice!

Would like to help testing and review beta .
Thanks for great work guys

I‘d like to join, too

I would like to join the beta program.

Hello, avid beta tester here. I’d love to beta test the iOS app too please!

Recently started using agenda and noticed a few issues that I’ve report. Would like to join the beta testing to help catch some of these things before release. Being a performance and QA engineer, I wouldn’t mind helping to better the quality of the app especially one that I plan to use regularly.

Just been added, thank you!

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I’d like to join the iOS beta. Thanks!

*** ADDED *** Thank you!

Flip here, happy to join the next TestFlight sortie

Hello, please send me a testflight invitation. Thanks

Hello guys!

Please add me to TestFlight (iPadOS and iOS). I wiill be glad to be an active tester. Thanks.

Hi I would like to be included in any beta testing when available!

@drewmccormack Hello, please add me for a testflight invitation. Thanks

@drewmccormack Please add me to the beta test. I’ve recently made Agenda my main note taking app.

@drewmccormack Please add me to the ios, ipados, and macos betas! Can’t wait to use my apple pencil on an note takking app other than apple’s crap notes app.

I would like to join the beta!!!

Thank you

Is there a code we put into TestFlight?

No code, no. We usually add new beta testers just before we release a new beta. We don’t have one yet, but you will get an invite when that next beta comes.