Can I join the iOS Beta?

Would love to join the iOS beta!

I would like to be added as well to your beta testing program. Thanks.

Add me to the beta please. I’m sure I have loads of time to spend playing with new workflows instead of actually getting through my todo list.

I feel personally attacked!

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Please add me to the iOS beta. Thanks!

Please add me to the iOS TestFlight, as I understand it’ll be released next Tuesday or Wednesday, provided Apple doesn’t request further work.

Thank you.

Please add me to the iOS beta. Thank you.

Requesting beta invite

Would love to be on the beta program.


Would like to join iOS and MacOS beta programs.

I want to join to the beta for iOS. I will check on iPhone and iPad with MacOS as well.

Would like to join the beta for the reminders on both iOS and MacOS.

Would be interested in being an ios beta tester

+1 for all of them

Can you please add me as a test pilot especially for the reminders beta?

I apologise, I didn’t realise that the email was taken from the profile, but I’m not on TestFlight using the same email, instead another email from the same domain ( Sorry to trouble you but could you add me to Testflight using that email please, especially given the simultaneous upgrade of both Mac and iOS? Thank you kindly.

I would like to participate in beta program for iOS with Testflight.
I have iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro 11’’

Hi , I am interested in IOS Agenda beta too!

I would love to try the beta-version!

Hi, would love to join the iOS Beta to test reminders. Already running the Mac beta.