Can I join the iOS Beta?



I would love to join the iOS Beta. I’ve become a huge Agenda advocate and I can’t wait for the Reminders integration!


I would love to join the iOS Beta if possible. I am looking at fully moving over to Agenda for my note taking and task management and I am very interested in the reminders integration.


The reminder feature is what will put me over the top to use Agenda, which is very cool by the way, 100% of the time for notes and meetings. I would appreciate an invite to the Beta for iOS.

Thanks- Jack


I’d love to beta test the iOS beta. Using an iphone 8+ and ipad pro 12.9


That’s very interesting news. Great work


@drewmccormack @mekentosj If you still need testers for bugs or features down the road, would be glad to help. Mostly using the MacOs (Mojave), but can also test for iOS for iPhone 6.


I’m in when you are ready.


Please add me to the beta test as well. Thanks!


I just started using this app and would love to part of the beta program. The idea of pulling my notes and todo items together is amazing! I would welcome and invite.


want to try beta version for macOS and iOS


Would like to join the macOS beta please.


I’d love to join both MacOS and IOS beta :wink:


I would be interested in the beta testing. I’m really excited about integration with reminders


Hello, TestFlight Please and thank you.


I would love to join as well!


I would like to be included the iOS beta is Test Flight as well.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to choose which reminder lists we can sync, in the same way we can choose which calendars we sync.

I await your email invitation.



May I please join the beta?


Hi there. I would love to participate in Beta. I started using Agenda just last week and love the concept to integrate notes with calendar events. I am waiting for Reminders integration so much, because then I could replace Things 3 totally. Please include my will of participation.


Can I join the beta?


Oh, yes, please. I’d love to join the beta for both macOS and iOS.
I have been lurking since the beginning, but I’ve now finally taken the full plunge, embraced calendar-based note-taking, and become part of the community :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: