Can I join the iOS Beta?



Please add me to the beta version list :grinning:


I would like to get in on the beta, if possible.


iOS beta for me


I would happily join the Beta Test for Agenda iOS on iPhone and iPad please.

Best, Niels


I would love to join the TestFlight. I’ve been eagerly awaiting reminders integration!


Would be honored to be a member of the ios beta.


Interested in being added to Testflight iOS!



Would like to join ios beta!


Would be happy to join the beta!


Would like to join the beta group. Mainly interested in the alternative sync feature, since my work system does not allow icloud sync’ing.


I am excited about your announcement to integrate Agenda with Reminders!!


And I would like to participate in the beta program…


Would like to participate in the beta.


I would love to join the beta program! very excited for the new reminders integration!


Hello, I just purchased the Premium version of Agenda for iOS to support your upcoming release of Agenda with Reminders integration. I have been looking for a great Notes app with tasks/reminders integration for a long time … and it looks like Agenda is the first app to take this use case seriously.

Please add me to the Agenda iOS TestFlight/Beta list. I would appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Beta and provide feedback on this feature as it is a core (but not yet accommodated) daily use case for me.

Thank you,



Hello, Please add me to the IOS beta program.


Please add me to the beta program. Thanks


Could I please get back on the beta? thanks.
(I tried my original TestFlight invite and it’s not working…)


Please add me to the beta program too. Thank You.


Hi, please add me to the beta program, too. Reminders are the one thing that is still missing for me.