Can I join the iOS Beta?



I’d love to be on the beta release list!


I’d also like to join the Beta.

Currently have Agenda on Mac OS, iPhone and iPad :smiley:


Would love a beta invite at next opportunity. Premium user with iPhone, iPad and Mac.


Have not recieved beta invitation yet


I work 100% on iOS (iPad Pro and iPhone) — Would love to be in the iOS beta.


We’re not yet opening a new round of betas, the moment we will you’ll receive an invite


Hi, I was asked to sign up for a beta tester to test syncing content between Mac and iPhone and iPad.


Please add me to your Beta Test list :+1: Thank you


I would like to join the beta program


Signing up for an invite to the beta!


I’d love to be added to the next beta wave. Thank you!


I would like to test out the beta as well!


I would also like to join.


I am very interested in joining the Agenda beta program for iPhone, iPad and Mac.


One feature request: ability to drag checkbox tasks on iPhone and Mac to reorder tasks for prioritization.


Please add me to the beta test program thanks


Just adding my note that I’m interested in joining all the betas as well.


Also interested in the beta, thanks!


Please add me to the beta program


I am already on beta for OSX and the latest update basically says I must also use beta for iOS so that I don’t lose data.

Can you please invite me to iOS beta program?

Thank you