Can I join the iOS Beta?



I would be interested in the beta program


Please also add me…Thanks in advance!


I would love to be a part of the beta. I have the iOS iPhone and iPad Pro along with the MAC app


Can I please have access to TestFlight for iPhone and iPad. Huge fan. Missing pen input though.


Please add me to TestFlight for iOS


+1 signup for beta


Hi, I’d like to be a beta-tester.



Count me in.



I’d like access to the beta program


Hi, I’d love to join the beta iOS and mac


Me too, please!


I would like to join Agendas iOS and macOS beta as well. I would really love to test new features of my favorite note taking app.


Please add me into Beta Channel of iPhone / iPad / MacOS


Hello, I would love to participate in the beta testing as well!


Thank you for working diligently on Agenda! It has quickly become my favorite note taking application. Once pen support comes to the iPad, I can finally kick Evernote and Bear to the curb.

I would like to join the iOS and macOS beta testing group. I am an iOS developer and I have participated in several commercial iOS beta program in the past.


Please add me to the iOS Beta list.


While a relative newcomer to the forum and Agenda, I do love testing apps and rooting out this pesky edge case bugs, so when another round opens up, I’d be delighted to be counted a,OMG the beta testers for both iOS and Mac.


Interested to join beta program
I hold premium license and have iphone, iPad and Mac


I am interested in joining iOS Beta as well.


I’d love to join