Can I join the iOS Beta?



I would like to be added to any beta testing in the future. Just subscribed to premium on iOS and mac love it so far! Great job.

Thank you!!


Hello also interested in the iOS beta. Thx


Hi, I would like to beta test Agenda for iOS, can you send me a TestFlight invite?


Please add me to the iOS beta! :heart:


please add me to TestFlight.

Particular interest in Pencil support :slight_smile:


Please add me to the TestFlight beta for iOS and macOS.


I would like to join the iOS Beta.


+1for iPhone TestFlight


+1 for TestFlight beta IOS; I’m used to do it for other apps, currently TimePage and DevonThink Pro. Thanks :slight_smile:


Testflight please!


Thanks for a great product. Love to join TestFlight



Hey guys, I would like to join the iOS beta. Thanks and all the best for 2019 :smiley:


There are so many features and I hope to learn and use this more. I need to start learning and utilizing this more than notes.


Can I please join the BETA version?




Can I play? If you need anymore Beta testers I’d love to take any new versions for a spin


Can I join the beta? I’d love to help test out new features!



I’d like to join the beta.


Interested in testing the iOS beta. Thanks!


I would love to join the beta program for Agenda. Thanks!


I’m interested in beta testing the Apple Pencil in this app please add me to beta when this feature is added thanks.