Can I join the iOS Beta?



Please add me to the Test Flight Programme


Started using Agenda 4.0 beta on Mac.
Please add me to the Test Flight Programme to check out the iOS platform.


Thanks for invitation
First sight : Agenda doesn’t crash anymore


Count me in please.


I’d be intersted in testing. Thanks.


Would love to test the iOS Beta. Thanks!


Please add me to the IOS Beta test… Thanks.


+1 iOS beta, please. So happy that images are working (getting premium now).



Can I get added to the TestFlight beta for iOS? I accidentally update the MacOS app to the latest beta. I


Please note that we have just released Agenda for iOS 4.0, it should become available in the App Store within the next few hours. If you want to join TestFlight just to obtain version 4.0 this is therefore no longer needed. Of course, if you’d like to join and help us test future versions of Agenda for iOS you are still more than welcome. Just leave a post and we’ll add you in the next testing round.


Can I join the iOS beta program please? I am already on the MacOS beta. Thanks


Thanks for the TestFlight invite!


Can I join the Mac and iOS Beta program

Thank you


Can I please join the beta


Interested as well. Thanks!


I would like to join the iOS beta.


Could you please add me to the testflight list?


Hello also interested in the iOS beta. Thank you kindly.


@Neil_Lee, @marc.boulos, @damien.harper, @jonsiderman I’ve added you to TestFlight. Please note however that we currently don’t have a beta in, the AppStore versions are current. You’ll be automatically notified when we start testing a new build again. Thank you for your help!


I want be a beta tester